24/7 Emergency Electrical Solutions in Southgate, MI

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Electricity is an important part of any home or business, but like any aspect of your home, it can malfunction. Since electricity is potentially destructive, don’t wait if you have an electrical issue. Instead, turn to SK Electric for 24/7 emergency electrical services. We are happy to serve all of Southgate, MI, as well as Downriver, Wayne, Oakland, and Monroe Counties.

What Are Common Electrical Emergencies?

Unsure if your electrical issue is an emergency or not? Discover a few things to be aware of:

Overloaded Circuit

An overloaded circuit happens when too much electricity flows through one area, causing it to overheat and potentially start a fire. To prevent an overload, have the correct number of outlets in the home, pay attention to how many appliances are plugged into each outlet, and use power strips on electronics such as computers or TVs instead of plugging them directly into the wall.

Short Circuit

If you suspect a short circuit, turn off the power to the area as soon as possible and then call a professional electrician. A short circuit happens when two wires come into contact, allowing electricity to flow in an uncontrolled manner and creating a spark. These sparks can lead to fires or other dangerous electrical problems.

Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring occurs when insulation on wiring is damaged and leaves the wires exposed to the elements. This can cause serious injury or even death if someone touches the exposed wiring. Inspect all wiring regularly and replace any damaged areas as soon as possible.

Power Outage

Finally, be aware of power outages in your home or business. When the power is out, unplug electronics to avoid any potential damage or surges when the power comes back on. If the outage lasts for a long time, call a professional electrician to determine the cause and make sure that all wiring is still safe.

How Can You Get in Touch?

If you have an electric emergency, contact us for 24/7 emergency electrical solutions.